This blog started out as a group of hometown gals, or hookers, as we affectionately refer to each other. Now spread out across the US, we rekindled our friendship and love of reading through a Facebook book club. Over endless glasses of wine, laughter and conversation, The Book Hookers idea took shape. It was decided we needed to share our funny and fabulous reviews of books and insights to all things women with all of the funny, fabulous hookers out there!

Here’s hoping you find us as entertaining and educational as we think we are…holla at us hookers if you feel the need to add, applaud or chastise (wait, forget that ‘c” word)


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  1. Hi,

    I represent a British-based writer of literary fiction, Ms Jane Harvey-Berrick.

    I ask if you would like to receive an ePub or mobi file of ‘The Education of Sebastian’ (a contemporary romance) for your consideration.

    Sebastian is a story is set in San Diego in the present day. Caroline Wilson is a 30 year old housewife trapped in a loveless marriage with an older man, David, a Flight Surgeon in the US Navy. She falls in love with the 17 year old Sebastian (soon to be 18); their illicit love has a devastating effect on them and on the lives of people around them.

    Please don’t hesitate to email me if you want to know more.


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