REAPER’S PROPERTY by Joanna Wylde – A Review

I have a weakness for hot, tattooed, badass biker books! Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde went way beyond by expectations. All I can say is holy crap!

Marie has just left her abusive husband and is living in her incarcerated mother’s trailer with her brother, Jeff. Marie is not sure what Jeff actually does to make money. She just knows he does something with computers and stays stoned most of the time (part of which reminded me of someone I know).

When some of Jeff’s clients show up at the trailer, one of them shows an interest in Marie. He is hot. He is big. His name is Horse. And he is a member of The Reapers, a motorcycle club Jeff is working for. Marie knows nothing about bikers or the way they live, but she is sure they are trouble.

Marie and Horse begin a back and forth. Horse wants Marie on his bike and in his bed. The last thing Marie wants is to be a biker’s old lady, and she lets Horse know this. Then the real story begins. Jeff is caught stealing from the Reapers and Marie agrees to do anything in order to save his life.

Anything turns out to be becoming the Reaper’s Property – or Horse’s property to be more specific. Horse tells Marie that he will spare her brother’s life if she agrees to go with him and stay with him until all of the money is repaid. Horse then explains that she will have to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. You can imagine exactly what he is talking about, and Ms. Wylde lets us know in glorious, descriptive details.

Reaper’s Property captured my attention from the beginning and held it until the last page. The characters were real, the plot was original and it was hot. I am talking “melt your panties” hot! It was one of those books that I could not put down and was sad to see it end. I really hope Joanna decides to make a series out of this book. It was that fan-freakin-tastic!

I give Reaper’s Property 4.5 hookers!



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MISS ME NOT by Tiffany King – My Review

Miss Me Not is the dark story of a girl with a death wish…

Can you imagine wanting to die so much that you make a pact with your best friend? Madison did. She made a pact with her best and only friend, James. For four years that is what has kept her going. She wants to leave this life like she lived it – no fuss, no muss.

A fellow senior’s suicide steals her thunder and pisses her off. It pisses her off because she sees what follows the act. Fake mourning from fellow students and the all too real mourning of those who knew him. It causes her to rethink her decision and her will to die.

Madison might not want to die, but she certainly is not going to “live”. She has a strict no touching policy. She dresses to be invisible to the high school masses, and she has no desire to be noticed by anyone. James is the only person she talks to and she likes it that way. Until she meets Dean.

Dean is everything Madison shuns. He is friendly, popular, athletic, and good looking. And, now, thanks to a meddling teacher, he is her new tutor. Madison’s prickly personality and sarcastic demeanor doesn’t seem to faze Dean. His relentless pursuit to draw Madison out of her lonely world wears her down. Dean’s easy jokes and small touches soon earn him Madison’s trust.

Dean wants more with Madison, but he knows he must proceed with caution. He wants more than her friendship…he wants to know why the girl he has watched for three years has no light in her eyes. Why is she happy to fade into the shadows of life? He is determined to know her, to understand her, and to maybe save her.

Just as Madison thinks maybe she is worthy of forgiveness and love, an event occurs that shatters all of her hopes. Dean and the people who have grown to love her will have to fight to keep her from slipping away from them for good this time.

Miss Me Not was amazing! With it’s Sea of Tanquility feel, it sucked me in and made my heart ache. It was a beautiful story of self hatred, forgiveness, redemption, and love. A soul stirring stand alone novel that will have you crying, laughing and thinking about it long after you have finished.

*5 hookers to Miss Me Not


OBSIDIAN by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian is the first book in the Lux series, a paranormal romance by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Katy is approaching her senior year in a new state. She has moved to West Virginia from Florida with her mom following the death of her father. With no friends and a mom who works as a nurse, she spends a lot of time reading and updating her book blog online. Yeah, I love that she is a blogger!

Katy soon meets the brother and sister from next door. They are twins that may be similar in appearance but differ drastically in personality. Dee, the sister, is beautiful and bubbly. Daemon is rude and dismissive but hot as hell. Katy and Dee become fast friends, even with the warning from Daemon to stay away from his sister. Katy soon learns that Daemon isn’t the only strange thing in this small town.

The plot thickens here, but I don’t want to give anything away. Through certain events Katy learns that Daemon, Dee and others in town have a secret. Katy not only learns their secret, she becomes enmeshed in it with no way out.

That is all I am going to say about the plot of Obsidian. Now I want to tell you how it made me feel. I know it is a young adult series, but the sexual tension between Katy and Daemon made me sweat. Daemon is hot, he is cocky, but he can be sweet. That is a knock-out combination is you ask me. Katy is smart, independent, and not afraid to speak her mind. They clash and they flirt. Their dialogue is smart and funny. I think they might be up there with some of my favorite book couples.


Obsidian is full of action. It grabbed me from the beginning and held me until the last page. Well, actually, longer because I immediately downloaded the next book. You will love Obsidian, these characters, and this series! I am going to predict that The Lux series is going to be one of my top series this year! J

*I give Obsidian 4 hookers!

UNDENIABLE by Madeline Sheehan – Review

I am just going to jump right in on this one. Undeniable is incredible! It is raw. It is edgy. It is super hot. It is not for the feint of heart!

This is not your typical love story. Deuce, our main biker, meets Eva while she is visiting her father in prison. He is visiting his father in prison. Their fathers just happen to be presidents of different motorcycle clubs. Oh, and Eva is five years old and Deuce is twenty-nine. Nothing creepy goes on, but Deuce and Eva form a bond that day.

Undeniable follows the lives of these two characters. As Eva matures, their paths continue to cross, and the attraction grows until it cannot be denied. The love scenes in this book will make you uncomfortable. They are also brilliantly written. Madeline Sheehan writes so beautifully that she makes the brutal parts of this book not only readable, but you can’t get enough of them. You feel for these two people. You understand that they may not live and love like “normal” people, but what they have is real.

Sons of Anarchy fans will understand my next statement. Deuce is Jax! I am a Sons fanatic and everything about Deuce screamed Jax to me. Yes, I know Deuce is older than Jax’s character, but the personalities and traits were the same. This was just an added treat for me.

Eve and Deuce have a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to be together. Rival clubs, Eve’s crazy adopted brother who is infatuated with her, and her best friend’s husband, to name a few. Throw in a healthy dose of sex and brutality and you’ve got a wild ride!

I would say that Undeniable is the breakout book of the year, and Madeline Sheehan the breakout author! I am counting the days until her next book Unbeautifully is on my kindle!!

Undeniably 5 hookers!

Every Hooker needs a Little Black Book!

Everyone knows what a little black book is. It’s the place where important lists are kept. And, of course, every hooker needs one. I decided to show you all my little black book. If you click on the heading Little Black Book on the menu bar at the top of our home page, you will see the important lists I keep. The first list is my top 20 favorite books of 2012. Before you decide to leave me nasty comments, let me add this disclaimer. Some of my favorite books are not on this list for a reason. I will be posting my favorite series list a little later. If one of these books belongs to a series, I decided to put it on the series list instead of the individual one. You need to check out this hooker’s little black book from time to time, because my lists will grow and change.

DARKHOUSE (EXPERIMENT IN TERROR) by Karina Halle – free book!

I’ve put off reviewing this series, because I was afraid that I couldn’t express how great it is. But I feel like everyone should read all of these books, so here I go. I will be reviewing each book separately, but just so you know you will not be able to stop with the first, so do yourself a favor and get them all at once.

The first book in the Experiment in Terror series is Darkhouse. I put off starting this book, even with all the buzz, because I am not a huge paranormal reader. Since it was free, I thought what the heck…nothing to lose.

I’d read so much about it that my expectations were really high when I began. Darkhouse starts off with Perry, a young adult with no real career aspirations and a huge dose of insecurity. She has a spooky encounter at her uncle’s lighthouse and decides to post it on her sister’s blog. It goes viral, she is contacted by a man from that night (Dex), and her journey begins. Now I have to say, I wasn’t sucked in from the beginning. In fact, I thought “hmmm, this is interesting, but I don’t see all the fuss.”  Then I became a woman possessed.

I could not stop reading. Darkhouse took off and took me with it! Dex , a cameraman for a reality series, and Perry, our heroine (she would totally hate being called that), team up to make a paranormal youtube-like series and sparks fly. The sexual tension and spooky circumstances kept me awake until I realized that I had finished the book in one night. From then on, I devoured one book after the other until there were no more. And I went into Dex withdrawal. I wondered if maybe there was a 12 step Dex program that I could join. “Hello, I’m Tray and I ‘m a Dex-aholic”! Luckily, if you are just starting this series, you have a long time before you have to experience this sucky feeling.

Please do yourself a favor, and stop putting Darkhouse off if it is on your TBR list. You will not be disappointed…I promise! Karina, you have made me an addict of  this series, and I seriously need my next fix!

4 hookers for Darkhouse


I will be reviewing each of the 6 books in the Experiment in Terror series. There are also novellas associated with the series that I will not be reviewing, but you need to get those, too. They help tie everything together. 

TRUTH by Aleatha Romig – Reviewed by Kirsten

Things are not always what they seem. The first appearance deceives many, well isn’t that the Truth. I find it difficult to review a book like this because you don’t want to spoil a thing for any other reader about to embark on this emotional journey. If I came out of Consequences knowing anything about the author, it was that thought was put into every detail of this book, she is brilliant. When the cover of Truth was revealed I knew even that had meaning, and needed to be dissected. Once again Aleatha Romig has sent me in a total tailspin. This thought provoking sequel to Consequences did not disappoint on any level.

After Consequences I have to admit I was a fan of Anthony Rawlings. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have been. After all, his sins were to numerous, and emotionally draining to even count. He was a puzzle I wanted to figure out. Appearances were not what they seemed. I believed in the love story that I had watched unfold. It was a love story, wasn’t it? Okay not a typical love story, at first anyway. Maybe I was just sucked in to believing something that actually wasn’t there? I didn’t want revenge, I wanted redemption. Having said this I struggled with it. Was someone like Tony redeemable? Could Claire forgive? It seemed like an almost impossible ask. After reading Consequences I spent countless amounts of time picking through every scene and scenario.

Now, I once again find myself days later having more questions today than I did when I first finished Truth. Sure, some of my original questions from Consequences were answered, but they were replaced by even more new ones. The twists and turns in this book are enough to leave you dizzy. Trying to figure out where Aleatha is taking you before you actually get there is part of the fun, or some might say part of the torment. I questioned everyone and everything. Some revelations were so shocking and unbelievable. I was so anxious to get to the end, but at the same time, not wanting it to be over.

We saw a new different side of Tony this time around, and I fell deeper in love with this character. Yes he’s flawed (who isn’t) but to see the way his character developed in this book was a joy. Yes, he’s still domineering and at times over steps in the controlling department, but he’s also heartwarming, and caring. Claire also went in a new direction, which was so refreshing at times. Some may have been disappointed with her decisions and choices, but I understood why they were made, and was happy to see she had strengthened. Nothing is ever predictable or expected out of these two and that is part of the draw to this story.

So many questions still linger. Still deeply invested in Claire and Tony’s story and now wanting that revenge I hadn’t been seeking at the end of Consequences, CONVICTED can’t get here soon enough.

Once Again for Aleatha Romig – FIVE hookers!

Kirsten lives in sunny Florida, is a mother of 3(4 if you count her hubby), loves all books but contemporary romance and mature young adult are her passion.

CONSEQUENCES by Aleatha Romig – Reviewed by Kirsten

Upon the insistence of a fellow book whore, I picked up Aleatha Romig’s Consequences last August. I wasn’t sure if she was overreacting, but my friend told me she couldn’t get the story out of her mind. She went to bed thinking about it as she drifted off, and woke up with it still at the forefront of her mind. Psychological Thriller is not my usual genre, but I will read almost anything. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to “feel” my reads, I want them to consume me. I didn’t have high hopes for this first in a series by an unknown author, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Oh boy was I in for a pleasant (okay maybe not so pleasant at times) surprise.

This deeply emotional, moving, and at times disturbing and horrific story begins with Claire Nichols waking up in a strange bedroom bruised and confused. Slowly, but surely memories of the previous night begin to form. Claire remembers being with Anthony Rawlings a man she met over a week ago who was handsome, polite, kind and a gentleman. The Anthony she had experienced last night was demanding, cruel, aggressive and brutal, and now he was her captor. Unbeknownst to Claire, Anthony Rawlings had been watching her for years and will stop at nothing to see his plans through.

This story takes you through the roller-coaster ride that becomes Claire’s life. She is forced to live with Tony and follow his “rules” and to keep up “appearances”. It is hard to even describe the events that take place in this book without giving any of the story away. I started to read and did not put it down. There was no eating, no sleeping, just reading, it’s literally that good. Consequences has so many twists and turns that you are always wondering what is coming next, and what does come is NEVER what is expected. We get to see Claire’s strength and resolve to not be broken, while also experiencing the two distinct sides of Anthony Rawlings.

If you want to be taken on an emotional journey that is unpredictable and will leave you speechless look no further. Consequences will terrify you. It will confuse you, drive you crazy, stress you out, make you laugh and cry and it will have you begging for more of Tony and Claire. The writing is excellent, although at times overly descriptive and I was dumbfounded by how fascinating this story was. I have obsessed over this story for months and battled with my affections, yes I did say affection for Tony, for just as long. Ms. Romig is certainly an author to watch and I fully expect to see her on the NYT bestseller list in the future.

Totally FIVE hookers!

Kirsten lives in sunny Florida, is a mother of 3(4 if you count her hubby), loves all books but contemporary romance and mature young adult are her passion.