New Releases This Week

Talk about a crazy release day! Come on and get to clickin’… /td> … Continue reading

This Week’s New Releases

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Hot New Releases!

I am finally back up and running! At least with the blog down I had plenty of time to deep clean the house. <insert snicker here> Please…y’all know better than that! But I did get a helluva lot of reading … Continue reading

New Releases This Week – January 20th

Sweet baby Jesus, have you seen the new books released this week? I don’t think I’ve 1-clicked this much at one time in forever. And the 2 I’ve read so far have kicked some serious ass! The Baller by Vi … Continue reading

New Releases This Week – October 11-17

I was practically dancing over some of the new releases this week. How could I not be excited when authors like RK Lilley, Aleatha Romig, and Erin Noelle (just to name a few) are on the list? Just click on … Continue reading


Here are some of the new releases, bargain priced books and freebies so far this week. I will be updating these lists as I find new ones to add. If you see that a price has changed please leave me … Continue reading

Weekend Treats!

Here are a few bargains and freebies to kick off the weekend. I’ll be adding more bargains, new releases, reader recommendations and those books up for pre-order! Check back..I’ll let you know on the facebook page as I add more. … Continue reading

New Releases This Week

Behind His Eyes – Convicted: The Missing Years (Consequences) by Aleatha Romig – The third book in the series from Tony’s perspective. Loved it! (see my review) Whisper to Me: Between Breaths by Christina Lee – The third book in … Continue reading

Conviction Behind His Eyes by Aleatha Romig – My Review

BEHIND HIS EYES CONVICTED by Aleatha Romig THE MISSING YEARS is the final piece to Aleatha Romig’s CONSEQUENCES SERIES puzzle. Follow the twists and turns as secrets are revealed, consequences are delivered, and the future is shown. In CONVICTED we … Continue reading

This Week’s New Releases

This is a really great week of new releases! I can’t wait to share them all with you. If I miss some (which I am sure that I will do), please comment and let me know. Now, I’ll shut up … Continue reading