New Releases This Week

Such great new releases this week. My clicker finger was itching to get started after seeing all these beauties. There’s something for everyone on this list: forbidden romance, romantic comedies, dark romance, sports romance, paranormal romance and more! Happy Reading! … Continue reading

TBH Top 15 of 2015 (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of my favorites of 2015. No certain order. The only non-2015 book is Dragonfly in Amber. I just started the series (because I just knew I wouldn’t like it. Famous last words that I will gladly eat.) … Continue reading

New Releases This Week – Tuesday, Nov 10

A huge freakin release day! This list has so many books that I need. I said “need”, not “want”, because I seriously need them. I wonder how much a kidney goes for on the black market these days? Happy Reading! … Continue reading

This Week’s New Releases, Bargains & Freebies – April 6-10

I’ve been a reading fool this week! Between books I have been waiting for and recommendations from you guys, my kindle is full of new stuff. This is what I’ve read this week so far: Carter by RJ Lewis – … Continue reading

The Traveling Woman (The Traveling Duet, #2) by Jane Harvey-Berrick

The Traveling Woman (The Traveling Duet, #2) Author: Jane Harvey – Berrick Release Date: April 7, 2015 Genre: Contemporary Romance     THE CONCLUDING STORY of Aimee and Kestrel, begun in THE TRAVELING MAN …… How many times do you … Continue reading

New Releases, Bargains & Free Books This Week – February 2, 2015

I’m calling this new releases list incomplete. I have to ask for forgiveness. I started the list, and there were so many I was dying to start. So I took a teeny tiny break…just to read a couple of chapters. … Continue reading

New Releases This Week – Tuesday, January 27

What a day for new releases! Unless you happen to have already spent your monthly Amazon allowance…in which case, It’s still a kick ass day because you go ahead and 1-click anyway! I’ve found from many years of research that … Continue reading


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New Releases & Some Bargains This Week

  I 1-click 4 of these .99 books that have been on my wish list ~ Dangerous to Know and Love, Hard Knox (second book just released today), Devil’s Contract and Strapped. I have these and would highly recommend them … Continue reading


    … Continue reading