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Every book blog begins because the blogger wants to share their thoughts about books with others. They want to let others know about amazing books that you might not have read otherwise. Ratings on reviews are a great way to tell you if the book is worth reading, but I always wanted to know more than just whether the story is good or not. For this reason, I decided that I need to add some criteria to the reviews on this site. So here is a list of descriptions I am adding to the end of each review and a brief description of what each means:.

  • Waterworks – 1 hooker (teary eyed) to 5 hookers (full blown ugly crying)
  • Angst – 1 hooker (made me anxious) to 5 hookers (made me want to throw my kindle)
  • Steam – 1 hooker (made me sigh) to 5 hookers (made me blush and fan myself
  • Mindf**k – 1 hooker (a twist that made me say “hmmm”) to 5 hookers (made me say WTF!)

I  hope these will give you a little more insight into each book I review without giving anything away! Happy reading J



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